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  1. Prachar, Tanya Lynn
  2. Mahanes, Dea
  3. Arceneaux, Amy
  4. Moss, Bridget L.
  5. Jones, Sue
  6. Conaway, Mark
  7. Burns, Suzanne M.


This quantitative study was designed to identify the needs of family members of neuroscience patients. An adaptation of the Critical Care Family Needs Inventory was used to identify the top 10 needs of neuroscience families. Results were compared on the basis of whether the admission was planned or emergent. Needs were further examined on the basis of a family's perception of patient prognosis and communication with physicians and nurses. Most needs were recognized as being either important or very important with the need for information about the patient's care receiving the highest rating. Significant differences were noted between family members who expected their loved one to return to normal or with a slight decrease in activity versus those who expected their loved one to have a moderate to complete inability to perform normal activities. Communication with nurses was rated excellent or good significantly more often than communication with physicians.