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"My patient's ICU stay was short, as his injuries were fairly unremarkable. Far more striking were the circumstances of his admission; he'd been injured while committing an appalling act of grisly violence," writes Marcy Phipps, RN, in her blog post "Neither Crime Nor Demeanor," which describes a nurse's conflicted feelings about providing care to a patient with an armed guard at his bedside. And read the blog post "With Inadequate Staffing, 'Nonessential' Care Goes First-then Patient Safety," about one nurse's experience with staffing issues: "With such strong statistical support of lower nurse-to-patient ratios, a budget-based decision to understaff hospital units looks like an actuarial gamble based on an unethical risk-benefit analysis."


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"You aren't the judge, jury, or jailer. You are the caretaker." "Robbing Peter to pay Paul is NEVER in the best interest of the patient." "I set aside two hours a week for Facebook connection." "As a bedside nurse, I have seen the amazing results of removing the catheters early."


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