1. Greenwald, Beverly J. PhD, NP-C, CGRN
  2. Edwards, Jane U. PhD, LRD


The purpose of this study was to determine whether a partnership between university faculty and county extension agents to deliver an Internet-accessible worksite education program effectively promotes awareness of the need for colorectal cancer prevention and screening. Extension agents were recruited to provide colorectal cancer education sessions at worksites in their counties, and a total of 144 participants completed surveys. There was a significant correlation between having insurance and having a discussion with their doctors about colorectal cancer screening at the next office visit; these participants were more likely to share what they learned with friends or family. Neither educational level nor smoking history was significantly correlated with the plan to discuss colorectal cancer screening with their doctors. High-risk smokers without insurance would appear to benefit from additional support for adhering to the American Cancer Society's screening guidelines.