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  1. Horn, Pamela L.
  2. Wrona, Sharon
  3. Beebe, Allan C.
  4. Klamar, Jan E.


BACKGROUND: There are studies and literature that support the claim that ketorolac use after spinal fusion in the adult population can increase the risk of pseudarthrosis, instrumentation failure, and/or nonunion. There is limited research when using ketorolac in the pediatric population, especially short-term use.


METHODS: Chart review of 46 pediatric patients who had prior spinal fusions for scoliosis between July 2003 and August 2005. Twenty-five of the patients received ketorolac and 21 did not. The lengths of stay, incidence of curve progression, and/or incidence of nonunion or instrumentation failure were compared in the 2 groups.


RESULTS: At the 1-year follow-up, 95% of the patients returned and at the 3-year follow-up, 52% of the patients returned and there was no clinical or radiographic evidence of curve progression, nonunion, or instrumentation failure.


LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: This is a retrospective study looking at results of 2 patient groups. This is a level III study.