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  1. Thomas, Karen M.
  2. Sethares, Kristen A.


PURPOSE: To evaluate the effect of guided imagery as an intervention to reduce pain and anxiety in patients undergoing a total joint arthroplasty.


SAMPLE: A total of 121 patients scheduled for elective total joint arthroplasty.


METHODS: The design for this study was a 2-group quasi-experimental design. The intervention group listened to a guided imagery CD containing a message to develop a sense of relaxation and harmony. The intervention and control groups were compared on self-reported pain and anxiety levels postoperatively on Days 1, 2, and 3.


RESULTS: There was no significant difference in pain and anxiety levels between the groups. However, the intervention group had lower levels of anxiety and pain at all time points. Both groups followed a similar anxiety and pain pattern with the highest reported levels at Day 2.


CONCLUSIONS: Conduct further research of guided imagery as an intervention for reducing pain and anxiety utilizing randomized controlled trials with a diverse sample of patients.