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  1. Anderson, Elizabeth H. PhD, ANP-BC, APRN
  2. Delaney, Colleen PhD, RN, AHN-BC
  3. Hull, Margaret NP, APRN


The aim of this phenomenological study was to explore and describe patients with HIV/AIDS experiences with nausea as it affects their abilities to take medications, to eat, and to engage in life activities. Forty-five men and 21 women with a mean age of 42.33 years (SD = 8.44 years) participated in the study. Data were analyzed using Colaizzi's phenomenological method. Five themes emerged: (a) daily anticipation, (b) sensory invasion, (c) emotional medley, (d) stigma and secrecy, and (e) searching for solutions. Recommendations for staff development educators on the basis of partnerships with academia are presented.