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  1. Tanaka, Makoto PhD, RN, PHN
  2. Kawakami, Aki BSN, RN, PHN
  3. Iwao, Yasushi PhD, MD


Although providing necessary information to patients with Crohn disease (CD) can influence their quality of life, there has been no study regarding the information provided by healthcare providers to CD patients. The aim of our study was to describe the contents of brochures given to CD patients in Japanese hospitals. These brochures were compared with ones used in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Forty-nine members of the research group on inflammatory bowel disease in Japan were asked to answer a questionnaire regarding educational brochures for CD patients. We obtained 15 Japanese and three foreign brochures and conducted content analyses for seven global brochures. We received 34 replies. Only 15 (44%) of 34 hospitals gave the brochures to all newly diagnosed CD patients. In the Japanese brochures, a lot of content was devoted to nutrition therapy and self-management in terms of diet. On the contrary, foreign brochures devoted more content to symptoms and drug therapy. The existing approaches for providing information in Japanese hospitals were unsatisfactory. Furthermore, Japanese educational brochures for CD patients emphasized nutritional therapy and dietary restriction. This reflected the differences in treatment strategies among countries.