1. Rohrbacher, Kurt S. RN

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Editor's note: The letter writer was featured in a photo that appeared in the article to which he refers.


"Putting patients first" is what we do as nurses. I'm fortunate to work at a facility that embraces the Planetree philosophy of having patients involved in their health care.


One of my mentors during an obstetrics rotation in 1983 stressed that the nurse is the patient's guide to the next step. Now we have to help guide our nation to a better health care system. The current one is in need of repair, and those of us who care directly for patients have the best insight into how to fix it.


Nurses, pass this article on to other nurses and write to elected officials, letting them know about your views on the health care system and how it can be fixed. We can make it work.


Kurt S. Rohrbacher, RN


Willard, WA