1. Nigliazzo, Stacy R. RN

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Editor's note: Stacy R. Nigliazzo's poem, "Purgatory," was published in Art of Nursing in October 2009.


I had a chance to catch up on my reading today and came across Jenna Kay Rindo's poem, "An Ode to My Certified Nurse Midwife" (Art of Nursing, August 2010). Wow! It's absolutely stunning. I searched online and found another poem, "Your First Code Flat-Lines," by this author that was published in Chest.1 It's also an amazing piece of work.


Kudos to you and your staff for publishing such stellar voices.


Stacy R. Nigliazzo, RN


College Station, TX




1. Rindo JK. Your first code flat-lines. Chest 2009;136(6):1698. [Context Link]