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Editor's note: AJN begins news coverage in 2011 with an eye toward health care goals and the roles nurses will play in achieving them. For a perspective on what progress has been made so far, and what remains to be achieved, here is a sampling of some of the global wins and losses seen in 2010.


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* Global condom use among men doubled over the past five years.


* In 2008 there were 200,000 fewer AIDS-related deaths than in 2004.


* A vaginal microbicide gel containing the antiretroviral drug tenofovir used during intercourse showed promise in giving women a prevention tool they can control.





* An estimated 42,000 preventable deaths from HIV occurred in pregnant women.



Source: UNAIDS report, MDG6: Six Things You Need to Know About the AIDS Response Today (





* As many as 80% of cholera cases can be treated with oral rehydration salts.





* As we went to press, cholera (which is a preventable disease) had killed more than 700 in Haiti and more than 1,800 in central Africa in 2010.



Sources: World Health Organization, cholera fact sheet ( and Global Alert and Response: Cholera in Central Africa (; Pan American Health Organization updates (





* Prevention projects (insecticidal nets and indoor residual spraying) save an estimated 485 children from malarial death every day.





* Malaria prevention programs in several African countries are lacking as much as 90% of the funding they need for full implementation.



Source: Roll Back Malaria Progress and Impact Series, Saving Lives with Malaria Control: Counting Down to the Millennium Development Goals (


(For more on goals and progress toward malaria elimination, see the Lancet's series on the topic at





* Fifteen African countries launched a synchronized campaign to eradicate polio by immunizing 72 million children.





* Polio remains endemic in Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.



Source: World Health Organization, Africa Seizes Chance Against Polio (


Colorectal Cancer



* The incidence of colorectal cancer declined over the past 20 years, which is attributed to increased screening that facilitates the detection and removal of precancerous polyps.





* An estimated 51,370 deaths from colorectal cancer occurred in 2010, accounting for 9% of all cancer deaths in the United States.



Source: American Cancer Society, Cancer Facts and Figures 2010 (