1. Puetz, Belinda E. PhD, RN

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The end of that sentence usually is "the more we stay the same." In the case of the Journal for Nurses in Staff Development, however, that is hardly the appropriate ending. Those of us involved in the journal are constantly changing and improving the journal. We work hard to assess the readers' needs and then to meet them.


Last year, we redesigned the look of the journal, both inside and out. This year, we are focusing on the content of the journal to meet the learning needs readers have identified in a variety of ways. We are starting a new column on Technology in this issue with contributor Jim Reimer, who served on the National Nursing Staff Development Organization (NNSDO) Informatics Committee and was a frequent contributor to TrendLines, the NNSDO newsletter, on technology in staff development. I'm sure Jim will welcome your ideas and suggestions for column topics in future issues. Contact Jim at


The quick poll we conducted on the Journal for Nurses in Staff Development Web site,, revealed that many of you wanted the continuing education feature to continue in the journal. So, for this year, we have decided to continue one contact hour feature in each issue, but we have moved the feature and the test online only. I hope you find this convenient. As always, we welcome your feedback on how you'd like to participate in the continuing education features in the journal-let us know your preferences!


NNSDO is currently conducting a brief survey on the journal as a member benefit. We expect to have the results of that survey and will report them to you in a future issue of the journal. I hope you all took advantage of the opportunity to voice your opinion. NNSDO is sending a survey to its members on a different topic every few weeks, so please do provide your input, whether about the journal or about any of the other issues being surveyed.


So in this New Year as we make our personal resolutions, we are also making a resolution for the journal-to continue to focus on continuously improving the journal's value to you as a professional development specialist. Let us know how we are doing.


Happy New Year!