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  1. Porat, Nurit PhD, RN
  2. Picker-Rotem, Orly MA, RN
  3. Shneider, Amalia MA, RN
  4. Weingart-Eimerl, Efrat MA, RN
  5. Vaknin, Ofra MPA, RN
  6. Toren, Orly PhD, RN
  7. Dayan, Galit PhD
  8. Bartal, Nira PhD, RN
  9. Zelker, Revital MN, RN


Rapid changes in the healthcare system obligate Israeli nursing leaders to reassess current nursing roles and to identify new paradigms that are in line with the demanding needs of acute care settings. The challenge of engaging nurses to achieve the desired changes in nursing role performance and perception can be accomplished by defining a comprehensive organizational vision. The authors present a process creating and implementing a nursing vision intended to empower the nurse's role in a large acute general hospital.