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  1. Hart, Erin S.
  2. Turner, Allison
  3. Albright, Maurice
  4. Grottkau, Brian E.


Fractures of the elbow are a very common injury in children. The most common mechanism of injury is a fall on an outstretched upper extremity during play. Ranging in complexity from low-energy nondisplaced occult fractures to high-energy fractures with associated severe soft-tissue and neurovascular injuries, elbow fractures are a challenging problem for all pediatric healthcare providers. Because of the wide spectrum of fracture severity and associated bony and ligamentous injury, a very diverse spectrum of treatment modalities is necessary for optimal results. Management is based on fracture pattern, patient age and bone quality, extent of soft tissue damage, functional needs of the patient, and the presence of associated injuries. This article will give a brief overview of 4 common pediatric fractures, current treatment algorithms, and frequent complications associated with these injuries.