1. Chinn, Peggy L. PhD, RN, FAAN
  2. Editor

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It has been a while since an article published in ANS has prompted substantive scholarly discourse in the form of letters to the editor. In this issue, you will find a substantial exchange between a reader and authors of an article published in ANS (33:3). The topic of that issue of ANS was "Emancipatory Scholarship,"and it was full to the brim with articles that exemplify the ideals of emancipatory perspectives. These ideals include challenging the status quo, examining dynamics that lie beneath the surface of what is readily obvious in day-to-day awareness, and calling for a shift in thought and practice that lead to social justice and equity.


The letters that follow are substantive and deserve full consideration. I hope that you will consider the issues raised by this exchange and respond by continuing the discussion among your own circle of colleagues, and perhaps by engaging in your own scholarly work to further clarification, understanding, and knowledge related to the issues raised in this exchange.