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PriMatrix, Apligraf, dermal repair scaffold, bilayered living cell therapy, diabetic foot ulcer, venous stasis ulcer



  1. Karr, Jeffrey C. DPM, ACCPPS, FAPWCA, FCCWS, CWS


OBJECTIVE: The goal of this study was to review clinical experience in treating diabetic and venous stasis wounds with Apligraf or PriMatrix.


METHODS: A total of 40 diabetic foot ulcers and 28 venous stasis ulcers were treated with either PriMatrix or Apligraf for number of days open and for number of days for complete healing between the 2 treatments.


CONCLUSIONS: Although both treatments were highly effective, the study results of 68 ulcers in 48 patients demonstrated that patients treated with PriMatrix healed faster than patients treated with Apligraf despite larger wound sizes.