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"I am a nurse, and when I practice nursing, my priority is patient care, not entertainment," writes Julianna Paradisi in her blog post, "Nurses, Hospitals, and Social Media: It Depends What Business You're In," in which she explores her thoughts on Facebook, hospital liability, patient protection, and privacy concerns. Read a related post by editor-in-chief Maureen Shawn Kennedy, "Placenta Facebook Photos: Nurse and Mommy Tribes See Student Expulsion Differently," and check out Marcy Phipps's latest contribution, "Hour of Lead," which punctuates her experience of two patients dying with quotes from an Emily Dickinson poem. Bookmark or subscribe to our blog Off the Charts ( to read daily updates and share your thoughts on what you see in your nursing world.



"Students, nurses, please remember that patients have rights." "There are definitely a lot of challenges facing us in the nursing field in 2011." "My first thought was for the women-all the women who delivered at this hospital and how they felt that it might be their placenta displayed with a smiling nursing student." "For some reason when I auscultate the human body, I get a mental map of where the sounds are originating from."


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