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dental education, dental hygiene, midlevel provider



  1. Driscoll, Annelise Ydstebo MBA, PhD
  2. Fottler, Myron PhD
  3. Liberman, Aaron PhD
  4. Pitts, Louise EdD
  5. Wan, Thomas T. H. PhD, MHS


Currently, the debate over the addition of the midlevel provider position for dental hygienists rages on. The midlevel provider (similar to the physician's assistant) in dentistry exists in a handful of states in various forms, but is hotly contested in many other states. This is the second half of a 2-part study undertaken to add to the current body of knowledge by addressing the clinical needs changing in our population and the associated demand study for additional educational degrees for dental hygienists to address these changing needs. Part 1 addressed a literature update on oral health and systemic correlations contributing to our populations' declining health conditions, whereas part 2 illustrates the results of the demand study. It attempts to benchmark "adequate demand" and applies the stakeholder theory as its theoretical framework.