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nurse, scale development, spiritual needs



  1. Yong, Jinsun (Sr Julianna) PhD, RN, SOLPH
  2. Kim, Juhu PhD
  3. Seo, Imsun MSN
  4. Yang, Youngeun MSN


This study tested the reliability and validity of the Spiritual Needs Scale-Nurses in Korean nurses. The Spiritual Needs Scale-Nurses modified through four validation stages from the Spiritual Needs Scale for Korean patients with cancer, which had been developed through qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys, was tested with a sample of 817 nurses in three hospitals affiliated with a university in Seoul. The reliability and validity of the scale were examined using Cronbach's [alpha] and factor analysis, respectively. The reliability was .93. The result of factor analysis revealed five factors explaining 69.1% of the total variance: love and peace (40.9%), relationship with God (11.5%), meaning and purpose (6.7%), acceptance of dying (5.1%), and pursuit of afterlife (4.9%). Regarding criterion validity, spiritual needs positively correlated with spiritual well-being. Based on the findings, the Spiritual Needs Scale-Nurses is a reliable and valid instrument to assess spiritual needs in Korean nurses. Moreover, this instrument can contribute to deepening the awareness of spirituality for nurses, which in turn contributes to providing quality spiritual care for patients.