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  1. DiIorio, Colleen
  2. Hinkle, Janice L.
  3. Stuifbergen, Alexa
  4. Algase, Donna
  5. Amidei, Chris Stewart
  6. Austin, Joan
  7. Buelow, Janice M.
  8. Fraser, Cira
  9. Gulick, Elsie E.
  10. Habermann, Barbara
  11. Smeltzer, Suzanne C.


ABSTRACT: In 2007, the Neuroscience Nursing Foundation (NNF) convened a research panel to update NNF's research priorities used to guide funding. The research panel identified leaders in neuroscience nursing and conducted a review of neuroscience nursing research literature and an American Association of Neuroscience Nurses membership survey on research priorities. A workgroup of leaders in neuroscience nursing was then convened to draft and set priorities on the basis of the review of the literature and the membership survey. The updated priorities were submitted to the NNF Board of Trustees for approval. The revised document reviews the mission of NNF and outlines six strategies and five program areas (including specific subareas) that represent priorities for NNF research funding. The purpose of the updated priority document is to provide guidelines for the systematic development of knowledge in neuroscience nursing through the encouragement of selected neuroscience nursing research activities.