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pressure ulcers, nurse training and knowledge, interactive workshops



  1. Altun, Insaf PhD, MSN, RN
  2. Demir Zencirci, Ayten PhD, MSN, RN


OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to determine if a structured workshop on knowledge and management of pressure ulcers (PrUs) for nurses led to an improvement of knowledge in the participants.


METHODS: Nurses attended an interactive lecture-based workshop on knowledge and management of PrUs. After the participants were invited into the study, they were asked to take a test consisting of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) about the subjects covered in the presentation. The MCQ test was repeated after the teaching session to determine the participants' knowledge and practical skills.


RESULTS: Twenty-eight nurses participated in the workshop. The MCQ test consisted of 21 questions. When the scores of the control test were compared with the scores after teaching, a substantial and statistically significant development was observed (mean, 11.1 [SD, 2.1], and mean, 14.6 [SD, 0.9] on 21 items, before and after teaching, respectively, P < .001).


CONCLUSION: A lecture-based workshop on knowledge and management of PrUs helps improve nurses' knowledge and allows them to overcome training deficiencies.