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Depression, Heart failure, Sexual activity, Sexual satisfaction



  1. Mosack, Victoria PhD, RN
  2. Steinke, Elaine E. PhD, RN, FAHA
  3. Wright, David W. PhD
  4. Walker, Cynthia MSN, RN
  5. Medina, Mary MSN, RN
  6. Moser, Debra K. DNSc, MN, RN, FAAN
  7. Chung, Misook L. PhD, RN


Patients with heart failure often suffer from depression. However, little is known about the influence of depression on sexual activity and satisfaction. This secondary analysis of descriptive cross-sectional data study examines the role of depression on sexual activity and sexual satisfaction in heart failure. Results highlight the need for acute care nurses to routinely screen for depression and sexual concerns in HF.