1. Gerber, Linda M. PhD
  2. Barron, Yolanda MS
  3. Mongoven, Jennifer MPH
  4. McDonald, Margaret MSW
  5. Henriquez, Ernesto MA
  6. Andreopoulos, Evie MA
  7. Feldman, Penny H. PhD


Successful chronic care ideally involves patient engagement, but little is known about chronically ill older adults' ability to self-manage their health. This study examines activation among hypertensive patients older than 65 years. Almost 60% of participants scored in the bottom half of the activation scale; only 8% scored at the highest level. Higher activation was associated with higher self-ratings of health, health literacy, and receipt of patient-centered care, shorter lengths of stay, and lower depression and hearing impairment levels. Effective self-management support for chronically ill elders will likely require varied strategies and may need to address depression, health literacy, and/or hearing impairments.