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  1. Mancuso, Lorraine MSN, RN


As the racial and ethnic composition of our communities become more diverse, staff educators prepare healthcare workers to recognize the need to adapt their approach to each patient based on their values, beliefs, and lifestyle and to acquire new skills to accomplish this aim. Effective curriculum for cultural competence education customizes the context of the message to align it with the mission, the philosophy, and the strategic goals of the organization and tailors the content of programs to include the specific ethnic groups most frequently encountered in the organization. This article describes a process for developing and implementing a customized, integrated approach to staff cultural competence by the diversity committee of a community hospital in New Hampshire. This approach engages individuals in readiness to learn and supports changes in behavior to promote health equity and cultural proficiency within the framework of the J. Camphina-Bacote (2005) model for cultural competence. Cultural competence education is not an event, but a process. Staff educators can be alert to the need for updated educational programs based on staff and patient outcomes and recommend systems changes that promote cultural competence and support organizational adherence to the Joint Commission standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate care.