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  1. Paulsen-Miller, Maria
  2. Dolan, Lori A.
  3. Stineman, Anita
  4. Morcuende, Jose A.


PURPOSE: Identify educational needs of parents of children born with clubfoot and the role of healthcare providers throughout the treatment process.


METHOD: A qualitative study using interviews with 30 parents. All subjects were asked the same 12 questions regarding their perceptions and experiences. Common themes were identified from the data collected.


FINDINGS: The parents' educational needs fell into the following 2 categories: (1) understanding the process of treatment and (2) problems concerning the bracing portion of treatment. Themes exposed the effects on daily living and accommodations made to follow treatment. Parents perceive that the role of the healthcare provider is to present how-to information, specify consequences of the risks, promote awareness, provide encouragement and support, and remind them of positive effects to be expected when treatment is completed.