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Labor and delivery triage, Labor and delivery triage competencies, Obstetric outpatient assessment, Obstetric triage acuity.



  1. Paisley, Kathleen S. BSN, RNC
  2. Wallace, Ruth MSN, RNC
  3. DuRant, Patricia G. MSN, RN


The purpose of this article is to describe the journey a multicampus hospital system took to improve the obstetric triage process. A review of literature revealed no current comprehensive obstetric acuity tool, and thus our team developed a tool with a patient flow process, revised and updated triage nurse competencies, and then educated the nurses about the new tool and process. Data were collected to assess the functionality of the new process in assigning acuity upon patient arrival, conveying appropriate acuities based on patient complaints, and initiating the medical screening examination, all within prescribed time intervals. Initially data indicated that processes were still not optimal, and re-education was provided for all triage nurses. This improved all data points. The result of this QI project is that our patients are now seen based on their acuity within designated time frames.