1. Cady, Rebecca F. Esq., BSN, CPHRM

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This issue includes a timely CEU feature addressing the legal risks posed by the electronic medical record. This is a hot subject among healthcare attorneys because a large part of the healthcare reform legislation and regulations deals with these records systems. There are large, negative financial implications for healthcare entities that choose not to adopt these systems built in to this new law. As a result, many entities are moving quickly to adopt them. It is critical for the nurse executive to have a hand in the decision-making process around this issue, and this article will help the nurse executive to understand the pitfalls involved. The second article is an interesting ethics case discussion regarding whether and when it might be permissible to withhold treatment for a patient with self-destructive behavior. As this issue goes to press, we're boiling in Washington, both from the heat outside and from the hot air on Capitol Hill about the debt ceiling standoff. Think cool thoughts. As always, we'd appreciate your feedback. Send your comments to

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