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  1. Weitzel, Tina MA, RN-BC
  2. Robinson, Sherry PhD, GCNS-BC
  3. Mercer, Sandra DipN, RN, CEN, TNS
  4. Berry, Tammy BS, RN
  5. Barnes, Mary MS, BSN, RN, CCRN
  6. Plunkett, Dee BS, RN
  7. Vollmer, Charlene BSN, RN-BC
  8. Foster, Teresa BS, RN
  9. Friedrich, Lisa RN-BC, MSN
  10. Allen, Laurie BS, RN
  11. Holmes, Jennifer BSN, RN-BC
  12. Kirkbride, Geri MSN, RN, CCRN


Approximately one quarter of all hospitalized patients over age 75 years have a secondary diagnosis of dementia. A unique hospital-wide program to encourage appropriate communication techniques with patients who have dementia was provided to all departments of a hospital. Evaluation indicated improvement in some communication techniques. Additional education is needed to disperse the information to as many staff as possible and to sustain the change.