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  1. Kathol, Roger G. MD
  2. Lattimer, Cheri BSN, RN
  3. Gold, Gold MD
  4. Perez, Rebecca BSN, RN
  5. Gutteridge, Deborah MS, CBIS


Objective. This article describes an innovative integrated approach to case management using a standardized complexity assessment grid and communication tool, which is designed to identify barriers to improvement in 4 domains: biological, psychological, social, and health system; to create and implement holistic care plans based on "anchored barriers; and to document ongoing targeted outcomes.


Practice Settings. Adult and pediatric case and disease managers working for hospitals or clinics, health care delivery systems, general medical health plans, care management vendors, government agencies, and employers can effectively employ integrated case management procedures.


Integrated Case Management. Integrated case management augments traditional care coordination by allowing trained medical or mental health managers to assist with cross-disciplinary barriers without handoffs; to connect multidomain barriers to mutually agreed-upon care plan goals and activities; and to measure clinical, functional, fiscal, quality of life, and satisfaction outcomes as a part of the management process, especially in high-cost, complex patients.


Implications for Case Management Practice. Integrated case management provides a step-by-step interdisciplinary approach for helping complex patients that has the potential to maximize clinical and functional value, while reducing total health-related costs.