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Childbirth, Chinese women, Culture, Immigrant women.



  1. Callister, Lynn Clark PhD, RN, FAAN
  2. Eads, Megan Nicole BS, RN
  3. Yeung Diehl, Jenny Pui See BS, RN


Purpose: To compare the childbirth experiences of Chinese women living in varied sociocultural contexts.


Method: Qualitative study of 34 Chinese women who had given birth in their country of origin (the People's Republic of China [PRC] or Taiwan) and Chinese women who immigrated to the United States.


Findings: This research provides insights into the perspectives of mothers living in varied sociocultural contexts. Themes included expecting a child and defining birth expectations, experiencing giving birth, adhering to cultural beliefs and practices, and framing birth within sociocultural context.


Implications for Clinical Practice: There are cultural beliefs and practices associated with giving birth in all cultures, and because there is such rich cultural diversity in the United States, it is important for nurses caring for childbearing women to understand Chinese cultural beliefs and practices in order to provide culturally competent care.