diabetes, glycemic control, goals of care, hospice, hypoglycemia



  1. Scheufler, Janice M. RPh, PharmD, FASCP
  2. Prince-Paul, Maryjo PhD, APRN, ACHPN, FPCN


Whether the primary illness or a comorbidity, diabetes mellitus is a common and often quite complex disease state needing thorough assessment and treatment by the hospice clinician. Translatable evidence, national consensus guidelines, and patient-specific goals of care should guide the clinician in the liberalization of glycemic control, individualization of blood glucose monitoring, and prevention of hypoglycemia while enhancing quality of life for the hospice patient. This article will highlight the various pharmaceutical modalities available that are critical to understand and appropriately use as well as provide the hospice clinician with "bedside pearls" to capture key and relevant practice considerations.