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  1. Mahendra, Nidhi PhD, CCC-SLP
  2. Scullion, Amanda BA
  3. Hamerschlag, Cassandra BA


The purpose of this article is to present practitioners with current empirical evidence on 3 nonpharmacological, cognitive-linguistic interventions for persons with dementia. We begin with a brief review of cognitive-communicative functioning in Alzheimer disease, followed by presenting rationale for conducting comprehensive assessments and systematic interventions for persons with dementia. We then review recently published evidence and new empirical data on the treatment outcomes of 3 contemporary intervention approaches-spaced retrieval training, use of memory books and wallets, and Montessori-based interventions. These interventions were selected on the basis of high quality, replicable evidence of positive treatment outcomes, interdisciplinary appeal, and potential for optimizing functioning and quality of life of persons with dementia and their caregivers.