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  1. Kounti, Fotini MSc, PhD
  2. Bakoglidou, Evaggelia PT
  3. Agogiatou, Christina
  4. Lombardo, Nancy B. Emerson PhD
  5. Serper, Lynn Lazarus EdD
  6. Tsolaki, Magda MD, PhD


Objective: This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of RHEA, a cognitive training through kinetic exercises, on patients with mild cognitive impairment.


Subjects and Method: Participants, completing study, were 58 mild cognitive impairment patients with MMSE = 27.69, assigned to 2 groups of 29 each (experimental, 20-weekly RHEA sessions, and no-therapy control), matched for age, gender, education, cholinesterase inhibitors, cognitive abilities. Neuropsychological assessments were performed at baseline and after 5 months.


Results: Between groups difference to the benefit of the experimental group were demonstrated in attention (P = .002), language (P = .015), visual-spatial abilities (P = .013), MMSE (P = .047), and daily function (P = .009). Experimental participants improved cognitive and functional performances while control participants remained stable.