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25 years, clinical practice, hospice and palliative nursing



  1. Dahlin, Constance M. MSN, ARNP, ACHPN, FPCN, FAAN
  2. Mazanec, Polly PhD, ACNP, AOCN, FPCN


Nursing has been leading the way to improve and advance care of patients struggling with life-limiting illnesses since hospice began. The growth and development of clinical hospice and palliative care nursing practice over the past 25 years have been tremendous. This article reviews the powerful legacy of hospice and palliative care, from the early beginnings in Connecticut, caring for patients with terminal cancer, to the development of palliative care nursing. Nurses have been meeting the needs of those with life-limiting illnesses and advocating for better care for patients and families by working at the bedside, working collaboratively within teams, developing practice guidelines, and shaping healthcare for those nearing end of life.