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  1. Wehbe-Janek, Hania PhD
  2. Lenzmeier, Carissa R. BSN, RN
  3. Ogden, Paul E. MD
  4. Lambden, Mary Pat PhD, RN
  5. Sanford, Pamela MSN, RN
  6. Herrick, Judy MSN, RN
  7. Song, Juhee PhD
  8. Pliego, Jose F. MD
  9. Colbert, Colleen Y. PhD


Following completion of an interprofessional simulation program for rapid response and code blue events, we explored hospital unit nurses' perspectives of the training, through a mixed-methods analysis. The results of this study advocate for the use of simulation training in preparing nurses and promoting communication among team members, effective teamwork, and early recognition of clinically deteriorating patients. This study provides support for the implementation and continued use of simulation interprofessional programs in hospital settings.