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Golf, Skin Cancer, Sun Protection



  1. Wishner, Mark


ABSTRACT: Twenty-six million Americans play the game of golf. Because of the extended amount of time that golfers spend in the sun, they may have a higher risk of developing skin cancer and precancerous lesions than the general population. Because a significant percentage of a person's lifetime sun exposure is attained before the age of 25, there is a need to educate younger golfers on the importance of sun protection.


The Sun SafeTee Program is a nonprofit organization that provides sun protection education and skin cancer prevention programs specifically to the golf community. Through a consortium of golf organizations and associations, Sun SafeTee delivers a consistent, informative, and branded message of sun protection from the time someone enters the game of golf as a child, into high school, through college, and beyond. The Sun SafeTee Program is an excellent resource for your patients who play golf and their families.


Sun SafeTee is seeking assistance in providing their message through seminars, workshops, tournament support, and skin cancer screenings for golfers.