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From May 16-19, the 2012 National Conference for Nurse Practitioners will be held at the fun and relaxing Disney Coronado Springs Resort in sunny Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Regardless of reasons for attending, the NCNP conference is sure to offer several benefits for every participant. Known for being one of the most exciting and anticipated events of the year in the nurse practitioner (NP) community, the conference will bring together NPs and advanced practice clinicians working in primary and acute care settings from all over the country. This year's conference aims to maximize the NP's hands-on training with various workshops and classes, and increase knowledge and awareness through a series of lectures given by renowned colleagues. Amidst the beautiful backdrop of Lake Buena Vista, Fla., NPs have the opportunity to interact with the industry's leading experts teaching everything from practical, hands-on workshops to sophisticated, skill-building courses. Topics include drug updates, prescribing information, heart failure, diabetes, cancer pain, and many more.

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This event is an excellent occasion for networking with colleagues while simultaneously earning continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours and pharmacology credits. This comprehensive conference will give attendees the ability to meet with vendors in the exhibit hall and present their scientific poster abstracts as well. To maximize the value of the conference, all sessions will be available after the event in the e-conference center. This allows participants to earn additional contact hours and extend the learning experience at their convenience.


Between speaker, class, and workshop schedules, attendees also get the added benefit of spending down time outside of the conference in the picturesque setting of Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The options to relax and enjoy the sunshine are plentiful, with nearby attractions such as Epcot, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and the Magic Kingdom. The resort itself is an attraction with beautiful conference rooms, hotel accommodations, spas, and much more. NCNP serves as a place for dedicated professionals to further their careers, learn invaluable skills, and hear extremely relevant and current clinical updates, while enjoying a guilt-free getaway on the side.


Counting down until May, each month we will be highlighting specific components and events that will be taking place at the conference. With so many events scheduled, planning a personal agenda will help participants navigate the conference and experience the offerings that interest them the most. This month, we will be focusing on a particularly popular feature of this conference-the hands-on workshops. The invaluable practice of hands-on learning is one that resonates well with the NP community, and this conference will be featuring several of these challenging and exciting workshops. The workshop schedule will include:


Basic suturing

Proper suturing techniques will be presented along with the fundamentals of wound care, including assessment, anesthesia, cleansing, antibiotic prophylaxis, referral guidelines, and principles of suturing. Upon completion of this workshop, the participant will be able to perform a simple, interrupted suture and vertical mattress suture.

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Common office procedures

This workshop will provide basic instruction in several common office procedures. Topics include analgesia, incision and drainage of an abscess, paronychia management, release of a subungual hematoma, digital block, fishhook removal, resection of ingrown toenails, and removal of foreign bodies from the ears and nose. Each topic will be discussed and followed by a practice session.


Advanced suturing

This workshop will provide instruction on advanced suturing techniques. Regional anesthesia of the face, ear, and digits will be addressed. Suturing techniques include vertical mattress, corner suturing, running suturing, and advanced layered closures. Approaches to lip and oral lacerations and injuries of the ear area will be discussed. Prerequisites: Basic Suturing.


Dermatology workshop

This workshop will provide an explanation of various dermatologic procedures and an opportunity to practice the learned skills. Elliptical excision and simple interrupted suturing, punch biopsy, cryosurgery, shave excision, and skin tag removal will be reviewed.



This workshop will help the participant identify indications that require splinting, understand common splinting techniques and precautions, become familiar with various splinting materials, and gain hands-on experience applying frequently used splints.


Orthopedic assessment/upper extremity/joint injection

This workshop will address the assessment and management of common problems of the upper extremity. Participants will gain beginning competencies in proper joint injection techniques as well.


Biophysical technologies in wound care

This workshop will provide a unique educational experience for NPs, combining didactic colleague interaction via live stream with a hands-on practicum. Participants will have the opportunity to gain practical and procedural skills in working with devices, products, and technologies, including sharp debridement techniques, ultrasound-guided debridement, sound wave wound therapy, punch biopsy and skin stapling skills, application of bioengineered and biologically active technologies, and wound closure devices.


For information on registering for the National Conference for Nurse Practitioners, please visit or e-mail