1. Andrews, Sharon PhD, RN
  2. Lea, Emma PhD
  3. Haines, Terry PhD
  4. Nitz, Jennifer PhD
  5. Haralambous, Betty MSW
  6. Moore, Kirsten BA(Hons)
  7. Hill, Keith PhD, MAPA, FAAG
  8. Robinson, Andrew PhD, RN


This study aimed to examine whether an action research approach was effective in reducing the isolation of staff in 2 residential aged care facilities, within the context of an evidence-informed falls prevention program. A Falls Action Research Group comprising 12 nursing/nonnursing staff across 2 residential aged care facilities was established and engaged in critical dialogue and action over 12 months to improve their fall prevention activities. Through the group members' engagement, a research community was established that diminished staff isolation by engaging members in a sustained process of collaboration around falls prevention, which worked to disrupt occupational silos and challenge traditional staff hierarchies.