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fixed-term employment, job security, leadership, nursing staff, nursing homes, sheltered homes



  1. Heponiemi, Tarja PhD
  2. Elovainio, Marko PhD
  3. Kouvonen, Anne PhD
  4. Noro, Anja PhD
  5. Finne-Soveri, Harriet PhD
  6. Sinervo, Timo PhD


This study examined whether the ownership type is associated with job insecurity and worry about job stability and whether the type of employment contract, positive leadership, and fair management moderated these associations. Survey data from 1249 Finnish female elderly care staff aged 18 to 69 years were used. Job insecurity and worry about job stability were highest in not-for-profit sheltered homes. However, positive leadership and fair management were able to mitigate this insecurity and worry. Job insecurity was highest among fixed-term employees in public sheltered homes or not-for-profit nursing homes. Thus, promoting good leadership and fair management would be of importance.