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  1. Wolf, Corri MS, PA-C, RD


The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and recurrent diverticulitis, complication rate, and location of disease in an ambulatory population. A retrospective chart review was performed using patients with computed tomography-documented diverticulitis in a New York outpatient gastroenterology practice. Total episodes, location of disease, complications, and BMI and age at first episode were recorded. A random control group was formed using patients with diverticulosis from the same practice. Controls' BMI and age at last colonoscopy were recorded. Descriptive statistics and Student's t test were used with alpha set at p < .05. Patients with diverticulitis were significantly more overweight than patients with diverticulosis (p < .05); however, among ambulatory patients with diverticulitis, there was no significant difference in the BMI of patients with a single episode when compared with those with recurrent disease. Furthermore, there was no association between BMI and complication rate or location of disease.