1. Puetz, Belinda E. PhD, RN

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I am very excited to announce a new benefit for preceptors who read Journal for Nurses in Staff Development (JNSD). Susan Bindon, Web site editor, has compiled a collection of the very best articles on the preparation, role, and importance of preceptors. Susan reviewed the 155 articles on various aspects of preceptorship that were published in JNSD over the last 5 years (2007-2011) and has culled out the 33 she considered the best.


Susan selected only full-length articles; there is a column devoted to preceptorship in several issues each year, and often, contributions in the Nursing Professional Development Department relate to preceptorship. Often, too, the continuing education feature in the journal is devoted to an article on precepting; those were not included in the collection.


The topics reflected in the collection run the gamut from preparing job descriptions, preceptor preparation programs, recruiting and retaining preceptors, evaluating preceptors, recognizing preceptors, dealing with problem preceptees, and so on. Hence, in one location, Susan has assembled the articles that will help preceptors deal with the myriad issues they encounter in their preceptor role. Preceptors will glean new ideas for their own performance and can use what they learn to improve the preceptor experience for themselves and others.


The collection Susan compiled offers a wealth of information-and the work of conducting a literature review has already been done by a practicing nursing professional development specialist, so you know it is on target and related specifically to your practice. If you want to explore further, the entire index of articles published in JNSD since its launch in 1985 is available on the JNSD Web site. References in the articles in the Preceptors and Preceptoring collection are a source of additional reading, should you wish.


So, log on to and explore the Preceptors and Precepting collection for yourself.


Happy reading!