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  1. D'Amour, Danielle PhD, RN
  2. Dubois, Carl-Ardy PhD
  3. Dery, Johanne MSN, PhD(c), RN
  4. Clarke, Sean PhD, RN, FAAN
  5. Tchouaket, Eric PhD
  6. Blais, Regis PhD
  7. Rivard, Michele PhD


Objective: This project describes the development and testing of the actual scope of nursing practice questionnaire.


Background: Underutilization of the skill sets of registered nurses (RNs) is a widespread concern. Cost-effective, safe, and efficient care requires support by management to facilitate the implementation of nursing practice at the full scope.


Methods: Literature review, expert consultation, and face validity testing were used in item development. The instrument was tested with 285 nurses in 22 medical units in 11 hospitals in Canada.


Results: The 26-item, 6-dimension questionnaire demonstrated validity and reliability. The responses suggest that nurses practice at less than their optimal scope, with key dimensions of professional practice being implemented infrequently.


Conclusions: This instrument can help nurse leaders increase the effective use of RN time in carrying out the full scope of their professional practice.