Partner-focused smoking cessation, Prenatal parental smoking



  1. Duckworth, Adrienne L. BSN
  2. Chertok, Ilana R. Azulay PhD, MSN, IBCLC


Abstract: One of the primary barriers to smoking cessation among pregnant women who smoke is having a partner who smokes. Prenatal tobacco exposure has been demonstrated to negatively affect infant health outcomes. Many smoking cessation interventions have been targeted at women who smoke in pregnancy, although research has indicated that one of the main barriers to cessation is lack of partner support. The family systems theory frames prenatal smoking cessation interventions in an inclusive manner for the woman and her partner. The aim of this article is to review smoking cessation intervention studies for partners of pregnant women. Efforts to promote smoking cessation among pregnant women should be inclusive of partners, recognizing that partners influence maternal prenatal health behaviors.