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cultural beliefs of care, nursing students' spiritual care, spiritual care



  1. Valizadeh, Sousan PhD
  2. Tazakori, Zahra
  3. Mohammadi, Eissa PhD
  4. Hassankhani, Hadi PhD
  5. Foladi, Marjan PhD


Little is known about spiritual care experiences of Iranian nursing students. This qualitative study aimed to provide greater insight into how nursing students experience spiritual care. Using a descriptive, exploratory qualitative approach, researchers concurrently collected and thematically analyzed data from interviewing 18 Iranian nursing students (BS course) enrolled at the Universities of Iran. A semistructured interview with each student provided data on their spiritual care experiences. Data were analyzed using constant comparative analysis techniques. Thematic categories were constructed based on religious beliefs, nursing spiritual care, and the cultural aspects of spiritual care. The results of this study demonstrated that nursing students in Iran had experiences related to spiritual care, and there were cultural barriers prohibiting their actions, which resulted in trying to hide some spiritual interventions from others or addressing spiritual needs or not. Students wanted to recognize their patients' spiritual needs, but providing such care was difficult.