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diabetes, guidelines, palliative care



  1. Savage, Sally PhD, BA(Hons), DipEd
  2. Duggan, Nicole RN, Grad Cert Diabetes Ed
  3. Dunning, Trisha PhD, MEd, RN
  4. Martin, Peter MMed, MB, BCh, BAO, FAChPM, PGDipPM


The aims of the study were to explore the past and current diabetes management experiences of people with diabetes at the end of life and identify their preferences for how they want their diabetes managed at the end of life. Fourteen semistructured interviews were conducted with people with diabetes receiving palliative care in a regional city in Victoria, Australia. The interviews were audio recorded, transcribed, and analyzed using framework analysis. Five key themes were identified from the data: living with diabetes, sometimes they "bugger it up," it is a complicated subject, when I am very ill, and plans for the very end. The findings suggest that health professionals should continue monitoring blood glucose levels when a person has a life-limiting illness, listen to the views of the person with diabetes about his/her diabetes management, and identify and acknowledge the patient's diabetes management preferences when he/she is very ill.