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  1. Evans, Heather L. MD, MS
  2. McNamara, Elizabeth RN, MN
  3. Lynch, John B. MD, MPH
  4. Chan, Jeannie D. PharmD, MPH
  5. Taylor, Mark RN
  6. Dellit, Timothy H. MD


Critically ill patients are particularly at risk for developing hospital-acquired infections. An understanding of the predisposing factors, the epidemiology of disease, and guidelines to treat and to prevent hospital-acquired infections is necessary to incorporate infection control into the daily care of the critically ill trauma patient. Although it remains a challenge, infection control programs have moved from providing surveillance data and guidelines recommendations to implementation and engagement programs aimed at a shared responsibility for hospital-acquired infections prevention. We describe a multidisciplinary approach to infection control in the critically ill trauma patient with a special focus on ventilator-associated pneumonia at a level 1 trauma and burn center.