1. Johnson, Deri Lynn

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I read "Not 'Just a Nurse'" (Editorial, May 2010) while waiting for a mammogram. We're all important and shouldn't be labeled according to our jobs. We should never let our title be the measure of our confidence or self-esteem.


I have a certified nurse's aide certificate, and when I'm finished with university classes, I hope to begin my LPN or RN education. When I gain an RN license, I'll never say, "I'm just a nurse."


I wouldn't want to hear a police officer or firefighter say, "I'm just a police officer" or "I'm just a firefighter." Lacking confidence is surely a sign of having no pride in the contribution one makes to countless people in the community.


Nurses are professionals who spend hours providing excellent, skilled care to patients with devastating illnesses and injuries. It takes a lot of spirit and devotion to constantly work in this profession.


I'm thrilled nurses are recognized each May during National Nurses Week and on International Nurses Day.


Deri Lynn Johnson



Anchorage, AK