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We all know that technology moves quickly; sometimes it's hard to keep up. But let's admit it-once we get past the learning curve, technology makes our professional and personal lives infinitely easier.

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The latest innovation, brought to us by our publisher, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW), is an app for the Journal of Infusion Nursing, built for the iPad. Not only is this app new for us, it's the first iPad app for any of LWW's nursing society journals. The app is further testament to INS' position as the global leader in infusion therapy and is in keeping with our commitment to the use of technology to provide essential information.


The iPad edition of the Journal of Infusion Nursing presents each bimonthly issue in a state-of-the-art digital format for a print-like reading experience. Beginning with the last Journal (May/June 2012), each issue will be conveniently delivered directly to the iPad and will include special enhanced features, such as the ability to share articles and content via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter. Each issue will also link to the JIN Web site, where subscribers can search, access, and read the full contents of every issue of the Journal of Infusion Nursing-all the way back to the first issue in 1978. Video and multimedia content-such as demonstrations of evidence-based infusion techniques and procedures-will be added in the future.


With the app, you'll be able to access articles in JIN with adjustable text sizing, using "pinch and zoom"; manage your content by storing downloaded issues and deleting issues you no longer need; and browse and scroll through abstract summaries quickly. You'll even be notified when a new issue is available.


The iPad app was introduced at the INS Annual Convention and Industrial Exhibition recently held in Las Vegas. We wanted to give members a chance to try it out firsthand. We've received lots of positive responses so far!


The JIN app for the iPad is available as a free download at the iTunes App Store. Accessing the full-text content is a benefit of INS membership, although you will need to complete a one-time registration process at the Journal of Infusion Nursing Web site for continued full-text access after the introductory open-access period ends.


In a world where on-demand services are expected, the JIN app comes at a perfect time. Adding it to your repertoire will enhance your ability to customize your personal reference library. Take advantage of this member benefit and see how "app"licable it is to your practice!


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Mary Alexander