1. Edwin Darracott, Vaughan Jr., MD, MD

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Unintended Consequences: But OK


A to B, B to A, and so on until Walton and Vaughan


at University of Virginia Physical Diagnosis Class


Axillary nodes, told not uncommon, do not worry


Classmates tease until biopsy


Hodgkin's Disease, now classmate avoidance


Read one book no treatment so stopped reading


Irradiation-Nitrogen Mustard with success


Fourth year career decisions


Wise mentors: do what you want then, no regrets


Urology-Vanderbilt Surgery Residency


Shock: new nodes Kaplan from Stanford visitor


Mantle treatment cure


Thirty years at Weill Cornell-New York Presbyterian Hospital


Family career academic Urology the best


Retire to Wyoming to rest but sudden shortness of breath


To NYC Aortic and mitral disease with CHF


Unintended consequences but OK


Good team Good care


Now pig and cow valves for a broken heart


So back to Wyoming to roll in the mud and graze in the field


And watch the deer and the antelope play


EDWIN DARRACOTT VAUGHAN, JR., MD, is Emeritus Professor of Urology at Weill-Cornell Medical College. He writes that soon after he retired after 30 years as Chair of Urology and Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs he went into congestive heart failure, with valvular damage from prior irradiation for Hodgkin's Disease. Now more than six months recovered after successful surgery, he is enjoying life in Sheridan, Wyoming.