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The American Society of Clinical Oncology and the Lance Armstrong Foundation have launched a new video series to help young adults with cancer better understand and cope with the diagnosis. The two organizations together released the series' initial four video pairs, which cover critical topics like fertility, bills and medical expenses, and fear of recurrence-each pair of videos includes both the doctor and cancer care provider perspective, as well as a companion video with survivor stories and vignettes.


"When I was first diagnosed with cancer at age 19, I was frustrated by the lack of resources available to me," said Doug Ulman, Lance Armstrong Foundation President and CEO. Upcoming additions to the series will cover body changes, dating and sexuality, diet and exercise, family and friends, fear of dying, health insurance, pain and swelling, and school and work.


"Young adults face distinct, unique challenges in coping with a cancer diagnosis," ASCO President Michael P. Link, MD, noted. "That's why ASCO and the Lance Armstrong Foundation teamed up to offer this new series, to provide viewpoints from both health professionals and survivors."


Nine additional topics will be covered in the series, and each will include an ASCO-created video with professional advice and a "Moving Forward" companion video featuring patients and survivors. All videos will be available on the ASCO patient information website (http://Cancer.Net) and on the Foundation's YouTube site, and an additional pair is planned to be released each month.


The series is funded by a Lance Armstrong Foundation grant to the The series is funded by a Lance Armstrong Foundation grant to the Conquer Cancer Foundation (of ASCO).