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  1. Blum, Cynthia A. PhD, RN
  2. McCaffrey, Ruth G. DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC, GNP-BC, FAAN
  3. Bishop, Mary DNP, MSN
  4. Singh, Rajanee DNP, MSN
  5. Swan, Anne BSN
  6. Neese, Ruth RN
  7. Piasecki, Sherry RN


This study determined the effect of a computer-based educational program in preparing nurses to complete an assessment for venothrombotic risk on all patients admitted to a community hospital. The educational program included information on appropriate prophylaxis for patients at risk for venothrombolytic events (VTEs). Nurses were encouraged to work with physicians and pharmacists to obtain the appropriate VTE prophylaxis for all patients based on risk. Findings showed that one class may not be sufficient for long-term understanding of VTE risk and prophylaxis.